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Sound Biscuit Records announces the signing of popular Gatlinburg based band, Tuatha Dea. The new partners look forward to collectively putting forth their efforts to create something unique and amazing. 

Tuatha Dea is a progressive Americana band with a rock edge and fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music. Their music thrives on a perpetual energy backed by expansive vocal ranges, steady, driving percussion, electric instrumentation, and the melodic sounds of acoustic instruments like fiddle, banjo and guitar.

Tuatha Dea is beyond excited to be hooking in with Sound Biscuit Productions and Dave Maggard as we move to the next phase of our evolution. This is a big moment in time for us as our little Gatlinburg family is over the moon and can't wait to see what comes out of this amazing collaboration. We're sincerely super stoked to be working with Dave and Sound Biscuit and eager to see what kind of magic we make together! From Danny, Becca, Kathy, Chris, Adam, Laura, Brett and Jeremiah a gigantic thank you to Sound Biscuit!
- Tuatha Dea

The band is made up of the following, all of whom will be taking part in the recording process at the Sound Biscuit studio:

Rebecca Mullikin - lead and backup vocals
Katherine Homan - lead and backup vocals
Danny Mullikin - acoustic guitar and vocals
Chris Bush - wind instruments, percussion, keyboards
Adam Ogle - electric guitar 
Laura Smith - fiddle/violin
Brett Maney - drums / percussion
Jeremiah Waldo - Bass

“It’s really exciting working with hard working talented musicians with their own creative vision. Tuatha Dea is a leader in musical expression. They have earned a solid following while touring and are ready to take it to the next level. I'm proud Tuatha Dea chose to work with the Sound Biscuit label.” -Dave Maggard

In 2017, Tuatha Dea became part of The New Bristol Sessions, a collaboration celebrating the historic 1927 Sessions along with folks like Dolly Parton, Virginia Ground, 49 Winchester and more! The band has embraced its Celtic heritage and meshed the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland with their own bold blend of mainstream rock, mountain drumming and Appalachian blues and roots music to produce a truly unique sound that has a universal appeal.

Tuatha Dea tours and performs globally and have been celebrated for their uniqueness, energy and personal connection to their fans and audiences. Songs like “Appalachia Burning,” “Kilts and Corsets,” and “Open letter To You” were drawn from personal experiences and relate the depth and heart of the bands creative spirit.

Here’s a video for one of their hit songs “Get Along Home,” celebrating the 90th anniversary of the famous 1927 Bristol Sessions.  Filmed on location at Fabulous Saloon Studios in Jefferson, NC and The Paul Murray Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN. Video Production by Jesse Jones of JJ Creative Media.

Tuatha Dea can be found on their band website, as well as Facebook and other social media outlets. Congratulations to the band and Sound Biscuit Productions.

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